Best Part of the Sun (Acoustic)  - #1 Folk/Alt Top 10 Broadjam

Aids Walk NYC sponsored By Delta Airlines places:
"Best Part of the Sun" (acoustic) & "Best Part of the Sun" (band mix) 
under consideration for use.

The TV show " The Blacklist "
has placed the songs:

I Like Ghosts 
When I'm Gone Remix 
Purple Flowers

under consideration for use during programming.

OK - #1 Folk/Alt Top 10 Broadjam

The HBO series "Big Little Lies" has placed:



Come to Jesus

I like ghosts band mix

Lead a horse

It's a lot

Broken things

I like ghosts acoustic

Seven mile river


Under consideration for use.

The Netflix show "Narcos" has placed the songs:
"It's a lot"
& Broken Things

Under consideration for use.

 A Major Documentary being produced for Netflix places:

Gravity Wins
Pray (band mix)
Pray (acoustic)
When I'm gone

Under consideration for use. 

Real deer and real Andy composited from same location in the local woods. Photo by Bo

Real deer and real Andy composited from same location in the local woods. Photo by Bo

2016 SongDoor International Songwriting Contest Awards:
Pray (band mix)- "Seriously Considered a Finalist" (Christian Category)
Gravity Wins - "Seriously Considered a Finalist" (Soft Rock/Alternative Category)
The Heart Wants - "Deserving of Special Recognition" (Soft Rock/Alternative Category)
I Love You to Death - "Deserving of Special Recognition" (Soft Rock/Alternative Category)
It's a lot - "Deserving of Special Recognition" (Soft Rock/Alternative Category)
Get Used to It - "Honorable Mention" (Soft Rock/Alternative Category)

"Come to Jesus" by Andrea Speaks currently in Broadjam's Massachusetts Top 10
Andrea & Bo in "Devil's Throat" video on youTube

Andrea & Bo in "Devil's Throat" video on youTube

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Receives Several Awards from
SongDoor International Songwriting Contest

Finalist: "Enough"
Judges Entry Evaluation Comments:  on "Enough"
 You should teach a class in intro writing, you have a real knack for it. All of us love that wicked chord change at the end of the verse lines. These lyrics ache, and create such empathy with so few and such simple words. Masterful. The harmonies reminded LeAnn of “Absolutely” (she constantly raves about that song). We just wanted a rainy day so we could stare out the window and put this song on a loop .... wonderful ... this belongs on a CD for sure. 

Song was Seriously Considered as a Finalist: "Broken Things"
Deserve Special Recognition: "Where Did You Go"
Honorable Mentions: "Wind", "All Bets Are Off", "I like Ghosts", "Lighthouse"


Broken Things


No Way In No Way Out

Devil's Throat (CD Album)

Devil's Throat (CD Album) by ANDREA SPEAKS

Andrea Speaks Wins Seventeen 2014 Songwriting Awards from SongDoor International Songwriting Contest: 

Parlez Vous Myself – Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category

“Serious Finalist Consideration”:
Lazarus – Christian Category
Absolutely  - Soft Rock Category
Big Wings - Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category
Bones - Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category

“Deserves Special Recognition”
Absolutely (acoustic) – Soft Rock Category
OK – Soft Rock Category
When I’m Gone - Soft Rock Category
Santa Fe – Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category
Hercules - Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category


Scene from "In My Dreams"

Scene from "In My Dreams"

Songwriter Contest Judges Comments - for Andrea Speaks:

"Absolutely [song] is well, absolutely spine-tingling. I really love this song. Radio hit."

"When I’m Gone, wow, there is some songwriting. Story, mood, melody, emotion. Got it all."

"Her instrumental tracks are perfect for movies/cable series."

Great moods and atmosphere."

"Very adept at setting up images and bringing the list
ener in."

"Parlez Vous Myself, real creative spirit there. I like that I can’t pigeonhole this song. Airplay-worthy, no doubt."

"There’s a little chip there, a little sarcasm, and a little bite. Splendid contrast against these very lovely melodies. A very interesting writer and singer. Want more, lots more."

"Wow. I am in love from afar "

Andrea Michelle in the video Devil's Throat

Andrea Michelle in the video Devil's Throat

“Honorable Mentions”
Smile & Wave Goodbye – Country Category
Lead a Horse – Country Category
When I’m Gone (Remix) - Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category
 If I Asked - Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category
Dirt - Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category
All I Think About is Me - Hard Rock/Alternative Rock Category
Diamonds Cut Diamonds - Soft Rock Category

In My Dreams

Lead a Horse

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Allan Metcalf Announces "OK" by Andrea Speaks as:
The "Official Song of 2014 OK Day"
175th Anniversary of Expression "OK" CBS NEWS STORY
Sunday March 23, 2014 is "OK Day"

Allan Metcalf book

175th Anniversary of "OK"

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"2013 Honorable Mentions Awards"
SongDoor International Songwriting Contest

Purple Flowers - "Deserving of Special Recognition" Hard Rock/Alternative Rock category

Once in A Blue Moon Country category

West by Southwest - Soft Rock category

Purgatory Brook - Soft Rock category

Devil's Throat  - Soft Rock category

Seven Mile River - Soft Rock category

Come to Jesus - Christian category

Harmony Hill - Christian category